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Germany will get a private-public botnet center  9.12.09

Yersterday, press reports about an alleged joint venture of national ISPs and the national IT security agency to build a national botnet center stirred some scepticism and perplexety in Germany. After heise online brougth the news, the hacker association CCC informed that this rather is a hoax. However, the German national ICT security agency (Bundesamt […]

A follow-up on the German botnet-center  18.12.09

I’ve written a quick analysis of the recent anti-botnet politics in Germany. Kind crew behind has published it on this blockbuster blog. It’s written in German, though, but you could alternatively give Google Translator a moment of embarrassment.

MSFT sec report: Non-technical roadblocks against “botnet superhighways” needed  25.10.10

Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center has released it’s latest Security Intelligence Report v9. It calls to mind that anti-botnetting isn’t a just a technological challenge: Regardless of how botnets are doing their distribution, one thing is clear: because of their networked and often organized structure, they allow malicious and illegal activities to be performed at a […]

Nagging questions in cybersecurity research  12.4.10

The Center for Media and Communication Studies at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), in partnership with the Centre for Global Communications Studies at the Annenberg School of Communications (Philadelphia, USA) will convene 30 selected experts next week at CEU in Budapest for a Strategic Workshop sponsored by the European Science Foundation (ESF). … The argument of non-enforceability is based on a) the lack of reach of national law enforcement agencies beyond their jurisdiction and territorial borders, b) the lack of cooperation of foreign national LEA, c) the agility of perpetrators to change their locus of action, technologies and tactics, d) slowness of legal international cooperation, e) unlawfulness of direct cooperation between national LEA and foreign non-states actors such as ISPs , f) non-cooperative stance of rogue countries.

26C3: internet politics 2010, defence of the digital habitat, internet utopia, decentralized technologies and implementing Cryptonomicon  6.1.10

“It seems like the Crypt is their worst nightmare.” (Neil Stephenson, Cryptonomicon) China spearheads the anything-goes movement of technology-based societal control, authoritarian countries worldwide follow suit, and we yet don’t know whether western democracies will manage to at least remain in their currently mediocre shape if one of the many ongoing global developments and crisis […]