dataloss.db  27.10.10

The so-called Open Security Foundation has set up a publicly view- and editable database to collect and share information about, well, data losses:

DataLossDB is a research project aimed at documenting known and reported data loss incidents world-wide. The effort is now a community one, and with the move to Open Security Foundation’s, asks for contributions of new incidents and new data for existing incidents.

May it help those virtual runaway bits to come back to their motherships. Such as:

New York breach notification: Bear Sterns – client information accidentally was viewable by 2 unauthorized firms. 442 NY residents potentially exposed.  (Source)

If only Bear Sterns had exposed just those 442 New Yorkers. Anyhow. Data losses are a societal problem, especially when incidents climb up to the dimensions of the Heartland Payment Systems case with their 130,000,000 records or the T-Mobile Germany incident, which affected some 17,000,000 customers.

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